Why the Same Answer From Romney, Obama is Wrong

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are more alike than two sides of the same political coin.

Not only is Mitt Romney similar to Barack Obama in liberal policies they share, but also with complex rhetoric that makes people label them as untrustworthy

Scientific Fear of Blunder

A task force to develop a recovery plan for the Gulf Coast after the 2010 oil spill recently released a preliminary report.

Revealing long-awaited details of Barack Obama’s plan for “a healthy environment and economic future,” the report has scientists fearing more of his signature policy blunder, according to a story in Science magazine.

Some worry that the plan, which includes recommendations for 19 “major actions,” isn’t specific enough and could create the kind of bureaucratic quagmire that has hobbled other megarestoration projects.

Underlying scientists’ fear in the 19 actions proving to be inadequate is the fact that they’ve already overwhelmed the stated goals for simple answers to define restoration.

‘Tis a Gift to Be Simple

In an unrelated story, Mitt Romney said, “Simple answers are often very helpful, but oftentimes inadequate,” trying to cover up his lack of true knowledge about the economy.

Could a scientist be forgiven for relating the bureaucratic quagmires proposed by the same type of complex answers?

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