The Joker

“Imagine the economy is a car,” Barack Obama said in remarks yesterday at a Democratic Party reception.  “And they’re driving along,” he said, describing the work of the administration that preceded him, “and I don’t know what they’re doing.”

Sharing the sensibilities of elites more interested in partisan politics than in solving the unemployment problems affecting a large proportion of American families with misery while heading back-to-school and an approaching the holiday season , Obama confessed that he is out of ideas about the leadership necessary to improve America’s $14 trillion economy.

“I don’t know,” Obama said, further revealing his ignorance by modeling the world’s largest national economy in light-hearted terms of driving a car.  “They’re talking on the phone.”

The audience laughed.

“Something,” responded Obama, with a desperate attempt to describe what Americans believe is a worsening economic situation under his administration, “but they drive the economy into a ditch.”

Having identified a model to represent the problem of America’s economic malaise – a car stuck in a ditch, he explained his recommendation for a solution.  “We got to put on our boots and we climb down into the ditch,” Obama said, “and it’s muddy down there and hot, bugs.”

The audience laughed again at Obama describing an American economy that was estimated last year to account for $46,400 of GDP revenue for each citizen of the United States.

“We’re pushing, we’re shoving, trying to get this car out of the ditch,” said Obama, refusing to assume the presidential leadership expected by the people who elected him, as he continued blaming the opposition for his deficiency.  “Republicans, they’re standing there, watching us.”

The audience kept laughing at him.

“Sipping on a Slurpee,” Obama said, sounding like a weak and tired comedian, “or something.”


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