Growth by Obama

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

“My most urgent task was to stop a financial meltdown and prevent this recession from becoming a second depression,” Barack Obama said to an audience in the Buckeye State on Wednesday, again revealing his ignorance of American economic history that had its first and longest depression following the 1873 financial crisis.  “And, Ohio, we have done that,” he said.  “The economy is growing again.” 1

But Obama failed to account for the growing rate of mass layoffs in Ohio.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of layoffs in Ohio has grown in 2010 by more than 975 workers every month since February.  The job loss numbers are in addition to the 12% increase in layoffs over 2008 levels during 2009, while Obama was more interested in partisan politics – focusing on health insurance legislation – than in solving problems for the American people, with national unemployment growing more than 26% under his administration.2

Americans are concerned most about government corruption along with economic issues, and Obama’s behavior, unrepresentative of the people who elected him – from ignoring the issue of unemployment until a few weeks before midterm elections to frequent and lavish vacations at taxpayer expense – justifies their growing disapproval of Obama.3


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