Being Green

Negative attention is not a punishment; it is a reward,” says the Family Education Network, advising against lectures in response to misbehavior.  It’s the type of common sense that Barack Obama could have used this week on behalf of Americans, before rewarding Iran’s regime with a lecture in response to Iran’s disputed president claiming on Thursday that the United States government orchestrated the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

In the Academy Award-winning documentary, Bowling for Columbine, filmmaker Michael Moore makes a comparable but substantiated claim, suggesting that President Bill Clinton’s 1998 military order to bomb an aspirin factory was motivated by politics, to deflect attention away from Congressional investigations into his extra-marital sexual relations.  “It’s about maintaining status and power,” Obama said about corruption in government, with a remark that could describe Clinton’s actions as well as his own foolish response to this week’s rhetorical nonsense.

Ready to imitate the people of Iran with a Green Movement in protest of the Obama regime, Americans need to remain on high political alert.  Like Clinton, Obama lacks the military integrity of a commander-in-chief, thus evoking the possibility that his negative attention to Iran’s rhetorical misbehavior could precede another reckless military order – when an important ally is enforcing greater sanctions against Iran’s nuclear weapons program – all to maintain his status and power in the face of federal testimony illuminating links between Obama and organized crime.


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