Type 3

Barack Obama endorses modern-day minstrels who glorify the cycle of poverty associated with violence, organized crime, and the premarital sex responsible for 70% of black Americans delivered out of wedlock.

Considering Obama’s incompetent leadership amid worsening opinions about black-white relations, Americans can achieve a better understanding of our less perfect union, with the below description from a 1940 analysis by Ralph Bunche, the first person of color awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Type 3: Liaison Leaders (Stooges and Politicians)

Beneath the big Negro politician are found the Negro ward-healers, whose job it is to line up and get out the vote.  They are political flunkies and are often little tyrants toward Negroes in their local districts.  There are included, too, the old-line politicians who are “Republican born, Republican till I die” in their blind allegiance to the party of Lincoln.


Ralph J. Bunche, A Brief and Tentative Analysis of Negro Leadership (New York: New York University Press, 2005).