False Positives

Barack Obama revised a scientific review by experts following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to support his call for a six-month moratorium on all off-shore drilling.  The decision to implement the blanket moratorium – based on a peer-reviewed recommendation – was protested by the participating scientists as a misrepresentation of their expert opinion, for use as evidence in Obama’s inappropriate policy.

Mary Kendall, who led a federal investigation into the allegations for the Department of the Interior said, “The White House edit of the original DOI draft Executive Summary led to the implication that the moratorium recommendation had been peer reviewed by the experts.”

As reported in the science journal Nature, Kendall’s confirmation of wrong-doing shows that Obama is making policy decisions about the environment with willful neglect of evidence obtained through science.

Ironically, the DOI Investigative Report was posted online on the eve of the anniversary of a letter from President Theodore Roosevelt, who on November 11, 1907 wrote to a state governor with an invitation to meet at the White House for a peer-reviewed conference to make plans for policy supporting the scientific conservation of America’s natural environment.

Recently I expressed the opinion that there is no other question now before the Nation of equal gravity with the question of the conservation of our natural resources; and I added that it is the plain duty of those of us who, for the moment, are responsible, to make inventory of the natural resources which have been handed down to us, to forecast as well as we may the needs of the future, and so to handle the great sources of our prosperity as not to destroy in advance all hope of the prosperity of our descendants.

“We still under-invest in research and development,” Obama said, further revealing his clueless leadership for a clean environment before the midterm election.  “We don’t have an energy policy that will allow us to be the leaders in solar and wind and biodiesel that can not only help protect our environment but also create the jobs of the future.”

With such a soundbite from the celebrity-in-chief making environmental efforts a mockery, Americans can see why Obama can’t lead the United States toward a successful energy policy, and without the benefit of ignoring a panel of expert scientists.


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