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The unemployment rate jumped to 9.8 percent, up from 9.6 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.  Consistent with similar failure throughout his administration, Barack Obama left the country for an unexpected trip to Afghanistan before the bad news was announced.

The Los Angeles Times revealed the madness behind the Obama administration’s unnecessary complexity.

This isn’t rocket science. It’s strategic political communications by pros, carefully targeted and….

…full of symbolism. (Keep your eyes too on Biden’s bogus schedules now around the actual slow-news holidays.)

This unannounced presidential trip has actually been planned for the last month, White House aides say, but then why didn’t Obama have time to tape his weekly remarks, leaving it to Joe?

Obama believes that the executive branch is complicated, with complex tasks he wants others to think are like rocket science.  But Obama’s failure to lead the executive branch in its primary task is due to his backward belief.

What we need, suggests Brenda Zimmerman, a professor at Schulich School of Business in Ontario, is a distinction between the complicated and the complex.  It’s complicated, she says, to send a rocket to the moon — it requires blueprints, math and a lot of carefully calibrated hardware and expertly written software.  Raising a child, on the other hand, is complex. It is an enormous challenge, but math and blueprints won’t help.  Performing hip replacement surgery, she says, is complicated. It takes well-trained personnel, precision and carefully calibrated equipment. Running a health care system, on the other hand, is complex.  It’s filled with thousands of parts and players, all of whom must act within a fluid, unpredictable environment.  To run a system that is complex, it’s not enough to get the right people and the ideal equipment.  It takes a set of simple principles that guide and shape the system. For instance: Teach everyone the best practices of doctors who are really good at hip replacement surgery.

The safety and happiness of the governed,” President George Washington said, is the objective to be accomplished with every complicated task, knowing that successful leadership to guide and shape a complex nation — like the United States — takes the simple principles assumed by the Declaration of Independence .

Despite the backward incompetence now in the Oval Office, the United States Senate can reduce the confusion created by Obama.  “It’s a total waste of time,” Senator Mitch McConnell said, describing Obama’s desperate stunts, all likely to increase as Americans prepare to elect a new president, for leadership in a complex executive branch with complicated tasks to effect safety and happiness.


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