American Renaissance

Barack Obama’s approval among 16 to 24-year-old Americans is at an all-time low.  And most people in the United States don’t think that children today will be better off than their parents.

But today we are at the threshold of an American Renaissance – a renaissance of the 21st century – a renaissance of economic prosperity and knowledge – a renaissance that doesn’t call for “change” while apologizing for America’s tradition, but of presidential leadership driven by the same mission that declared our founding values.

The values of the American Renaissance are with us, whether we choose to turn away with change or embrace the potential.  It’s the potential that drove our first Republican president with a rededication of our values to end slavery.

Plato said in The Republic that an effective leader is one who has within himself the same courage, wisdom, temperance, and justice expected in government.  Aware of this timeless standard, proven in a test of civil war, we must in 2012 elect a new president, so that United States tradition can once again inspire the course of human events with safety and happiness in an American Renaissance.


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