Birds of a Feather

Source: Harvard Museum of Natural History

Where’s the outrage?

That’s what we want to know after hearing about the racist remark by former candidate for Chicago mayor, Rep. Danny K. Davis, who justified his desire in the election for a black victory over other people as analogous to Charles Darwin’s theory for the divergence of species.

Davis’s endorsement of Senator Carol Moseley Braun, a fellow black on the February ballot, was reported in The Wall Street Journal.

“In unity,” Davis proclaimed, standing near a beaming Braun, “there is strength.” Davis said it was “just kind of natural” for people to rally behind a candidate of their own color or ethnicity. He drew an example from his boyhood on a farm in Arkansas. “When I went into the barnyard,” he explained later during an interview, “I never saw a chicken leading a group of turkeys.”…

It strikes us as surprising that the media is relatively silent on this, especially after the national backlash against Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, due to his own comment on the campaign trail about the freedom to discriminate in society.

Perhaps Davis believes that such a backward belief  for humans, created equal, will lead him to a time before one unfortunate bird became extinct, thus giving him other dodos for support with his failed political aspirations.


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