Why Job Security Depends on Communication Skills

Last time we took a moment to appreciate President John Kennedy’s inaugural address as poetry. His own appreciation for the effective use of words still captures the public imagination, and also helps in making him the highest-rated president of the modern era, according to an annual Gallup survey. And Americans give the second-highest rating to President Ronald Reagan, nicknamed “the great communicator.”

Competency for Job Security

Presidential-approval ratings are an example of how Americans benefit from good communication skills. Effective communication skills are being increasingly demanded for job security in advanced economies, where the financial capital that matters most is now in the form of ideas, or knowledge, which is surpassing manufacturing to generate profits.

Communication skills are the first among workplace competencies that are essential for job security in the growing knowledge economy, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

In the United States, a qualitative survey on firms’ recruitment strategies for entry-level jobs found that not only mathematical and English skills were required for today’s entry-level jobs, but intra-personal skills were also quite important. Data from the National Employer Survey shows that among the hiring criteria for potential employees, intra-personal and communication skills were the highest ranked.

Style of Failure to Communicate

But Barack Obama fails to understand that the knowledge economy requires a different type of student than the one that dominated the manufacturing economy.

One need look no further for evidence than Barack Obama’s own communication skills, which reveal a politician who will say or do anything to get elected through a style of communication that lacks the substance American workers need for success in the economy.

Substance for You to Succeed

Americans will soon have an opportunity to elect a president with the content of character and knowledge to succeed at work in the Oval Office, thus ensuring that effective policy recommendations guarantee a robust economy with job security.


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