What Everybody Needs to Know about Managing Work


“What do you consider to be your most important contribution?”

That’s what was asked of the legendary management expert Peter Drucker. He replied:

  • That I early on – almost sixty years ago – realized that management has become the constitutive organ and function of the Society of Organizations;
  • That management is not “Business Management” – though it first attained attention in business – but the governing organ of all institutions of Modern Society;
  • That I established the study of management as a discipline in its own right; and
  • That I focused this discipline on People and Power; on Values, Structure, and Constitution; and above all, on responsibilities – that is, focused the Discipline of Management on management as a truly liberal art.

But Drucker also wanted us to know that effective management skills are needed not only in the Oval Office, but by everybody in America’s knowledge economy to succeed.

The following quotes about management skills are from just a few of the many writings by Peter Drucker:

Knowledge is All

The Next Society will be a knowledge society. Knowledge will be its key resource, and knowledge workers will be the dominant group in its workforce.

Effectiveness Must Be Learned

Organization that counts is the knowledge-organization, employing knowledge workers and staffed heavily with men and women who have to perform as executives.

Know Thy Time

This three-step process:

  1. recording time,
  2. managing time, and
  3. consolidating time

is the foundation of executive effectiveness.

Effective executives know that time is the limiting factor.

Considering the time you have for effective management of your own work, what do you consider to be your most important contribution?


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  1. Followed you this week. You cover such a wide spectrum of subjects! I’m really enjoying you, and what I’m learning of America, even though I lived there for five years! On, on!

  2. Thanks Kolembo!
    You humble and inspire me by saying that in spite of living in America for half a decade, you’re learning more about our nation from me. Some recent articles in The Wall Street Journal also have me extremely curious about your native land.
    I hope to continue nurturing our friendship by reading and commenting more about your fantastic poetry.

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