Ronald Grey Week in Review: JAN 17-21, 2011

The week began with a holiday that coincided with the anniversary of the birth of Benjamin Franklin, commonly referred to as the “head of the American Revolution.” His role in history is contrasted with America’s founding “heart,” a title bestowed on President George Washington.


Content of Character

One quote from Martin Luther King still says a lot about the current political climate. But links to certain words in the quote may benefit readers with some extra meaning.

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Presidential Leadership Needed to Investigate Jared Loughner

After Tuscon, the only way to approach the hard question that needs answering is through presidential leadership.

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Kennedy’s Inauguration Address is the Best of Poetry

The 50-year anniversary of President Kennedy’s inauguration also gave us reason for a quick appreciation of his artistic technique.

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Why Job Security Depends on Communication Skills

Three simple habits can help you practice the skills we need in the knowledge economy to succeed.

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What Everybody Needs to Know about Managing Work

Be, know, do like an executive to manage your work better than the current American chief executive.

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