How Obama Budget Cuts Down Life of Labor

Obama’s Familiar Pattern of Job Neglect

Some of you e-mailed me with concerns that a photo used with a recent article about the link between the housing and labor markets in Seattle may be viewed as racially offensive to others. But as written in reply, the photo was intended to represent how Barack Obama is turning his back on disadvantaged Americans in poverty.

After spending his first two years in office to focus on a health-spending bill at the expense of higher unemployment, Barack Obama now shows compelling evidence of a purely political plan with his 2012 budget to further neglect those in greatest need of jobs.

Take from the Poor, Give to the Government

In addition to cuts in job-training support for older workers, Obama’s budget decreases funding in the Department of Labor for outreach with a proven record of helping Americans in need develop skills to succeed, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The budget also proposes to cut funding for the agency’s Job Corps office, which provides education and career training for disadvantaged youth, including a 25% reduction in the program’s construction budget.

It’s reported that Obama plans on using the cuts to increase funding for a government division that enforces wage and overtime rules.

From Politics to Leadership

The nation needs a chief executive who knows about the resources required for inspiring an incentive to work in the record number of citizens trapped in poverty – America is only as strong as its weakest link.

It’s time for Americans to look beyond the economic negligence of a purely political leader – who due to campaign strategy refuses to recommend debt-reduction policies to Congress advised by a bipartisan commission – and toward the election in 2012, when they can elect a volunteer to the Oval Office with the economic knowledge required for all Americans to succeed.


3 thoughts on “How Obama Budget Cuts Down Life of Labor

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  2. Let’s face it. Buck it up. Truth now. Obama is no better than Bush. Both men sold their souls the minue they walked into office.We’d be better of electing a homeless man with savant abilities than contine to enterain these thugs and bugs we call our president. Shameful. It’s simply disgusting to see Obama and his wife just riding out their term trying to “get some” as fast as they can on all our tax payer money. DISgraceful

  3. Hi Candie,
    Thank you for writing!
    You’re right to imply Barack Obama knows nothing about being commander in chief. You’re also justified comparing him to George W. Bush, because both as commander in chief are nothing more than profiles in dithering — Obama with every crisis and Bush most noticeably on September 11, at the same time as Vice President Dick Cheney. And we could be closer than you think about electing a homeless man as president.
    Ronald Grey

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