Obama Government Spending is Danger to Posterity

Source: The Economic Collapse

Worries about the Economy

“It is a patronizing plan that says to the American people that their concerns are not his concerns,” said Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, explaining how Barack Obama is out of touch with the overwhelming majority of Americans worried about government spending.

Gallup surveys show that along with 10 percent unemployment, government spending is the reason the majority of Americans think the most important problem facing the country – more than halfway through Obama’s administration – is still the economy.

Potential for Economic Collapse

Government spending by Barack Obama is also the number one reason to explain what’s wrong with the economy, according to experts at The Economic Collapse.

Federal spending is almost 18 times higher than it was back in 1970.  Now Barack Obama has proposed a budget that would increase U.S. government spending to 5.6 trillion dollars in 2021.

Freedom to Posterity

“The President may be determined to keep spending levels at the current high levels — high levels he put in place — in the hope that people will get used to them,” McConnell continued. “But he’s clearly misread a public that has had enough.”

The course of human events is revealing us to be at a pivotal juncture. It’s time for volunteer in the Oval Office who isn’t driven by purely political motives and selfish patronizing about securing the blessings of liberty only to our time.


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