Week in Review (Kentucky Clay Anniversary)

This week marked the 47th anniversay of Cassius Clay, from Kentucky, being crowned heavyweight champion of the world, after he beat Sonny Liston in one of the biggest upsets in boxing’s history.


President’s Day

In observance of President’s Day, we didn’t post an article on Monday, but did find a stunning black-and-white photograph of Mount Rushmore to share with you.

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Why George Washington Believed in Sound Money for You

How does the American colonies’ economic experience compare to what’s happening now with the Group of Twenty (G-20) nations?

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Tuesday bonus:

How Collective Bargaining Hurts More Than Wisconsin Budget

Work conditions have improved dramatically since unions began exercising collective-bargaining rights a century ago.

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How Libya Protests May Affect Oil Prices

The time element needs to be considered with the price of oil affected by Middle-East unrest.

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The Shuttle Era

America must avoid making the same mistake as China’s Ming dynasty in the 15th century.

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3 Reports Highlight a Weak U.S. Economy

Despite people with money suggesting an improvement in consumer confidence, the U.S. economy remains weak – more than two years into Barack Obama’s term.

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Best links of the week:

The Wall Street Journal: It’s free to join the online Journal Community –  a marketplace of ideas to exchange opinions, ideas, and tips on subjects ranging from the economy to the business of life.

Economix: The New York Times blog explaining the science of everyday life.