How to Feel Rich in the U.S. Economy

Time Limits Everybody

We spend for goods and services – like a telephone connection – by the minute. But a daily budget is how a lot of us think about spending for gas and transportation expenses. Grocery spending for many is on a weekly basis. And the month is how most Americans break down spending for rent and mortgages.

Shouldn’t you also be thinking about your revenue as a matter of time?

In our next series of articles at #Grey2012, we’ll discuss how to be rich, by thinking, behaving, and feeling like we’re rich all the time. The topics we’ll discuss in Bank On America will include:

  • Personal financial planning
  • How to set up a budget
  • Working for your dream job
  • And much more!

Time Worth More Than Money

Bank On America will help you understand the most important differences between rich and poor people, with respect to personal, or microeconomic, fiscal policy and the time-sensitive nature of money.

Revenue: “Poor people pay interest. Rich people earn interest.” — Anonymous

Spending: “Taxes are much less taxes on being wealthy than on becoming wealthy.” — Milton Friedman, Nobel-winning economist