Top Ten Articles of 2011

In 2011 space shuttle Atlantis landed for the last time, thus ending America's tradition of leadership with change away from manned exploration of what President Kennedy described as the "New Frontier" (Source: NASA).

With America beginning a new presidential-election year, #Grey2012 presents our top ten articles of 2011:

10. How to Guarantee Financial Stability

An economic policy based on a sound dollar — such as that proposed by Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul — doesn’t go far enough to help guarantee financial stability for America.

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9. Why Kennedy’s Inaugural Address Is the Best of Poetry

Not only did 2011 mark the golden anniversary of President John Kennedy’s inauguration, it also showed that 50 years onward, people are still excited by the prospect of pushing into the New Frontier.

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8. Change in Rules

Writing about the American presidency, a historian said, “The caliber of the people who have served as chief executive has declined erratically but persistently from the day George Washington left office.”

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7. Bill Clinton

A profile highlights how a politician saying or doing anything to get elected is no guarantee of effective leadership in the White House.

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6. James Polk

Our campaign’s second-most popular article of 2010 remained a favorite last year — a birthday profile of the man described as the nation’s first “dark horse” president and the last of President Andrew Jackson’s disciples committed to American expansion.

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5. How Libya Protests May Affect Oil Prices

As anti-government protests spread throughout the Middle East in the so-called “Arab Spring” of 2011, Americans were vigilant about potential effects on the economy.

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4. Cuba Libre

Barack Obama’s failure to form a comprehensive foreign policy is unlike the nation’s founders, who understood the value of American expansion.

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3. 7 Sources of Innovation Opportunity 

Despite releasing a 76-page report in 2011 entitled “Strategy for American Innovation,” Barack Obama again showed through a barrage of rhetoric that he’s really overwhelmed.

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2. OASDI Tax Stimulus

Our campaign’s most popular article of 2010 — explaining the effects of cutting payroll taxes — remained a favorite through 2011.

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1. Hayes of Wisdom

A case study — drawing parallels between respective challenges faced by the economy following America’s first Great Depression and the 2008 financial crisis — was the subject of our campaign’s most popular article of 2011.

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