Healthcare Reform for New Job Creation

Job-killing mandates on businesses and individuals are reason one to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

The Supreme Court will consider in March whether Mitt Romney’s mandate requiring individuals to buy health insurance is constitutional at the federal level.

But a more immediate threat to the fragile economy is his job-killing employer mandate.

“Employer-supplied health insurance no longer works,” says health-care expert Roger Battistella in his best-selling book from 2010 entitled Health Care Turning Point: Why Single-Payer Won’t Work. “It imposes a heavy burden on American companies when they compete.”

Contribution to Redistribute Income

But Romney imposed that same burden in his health-spending plan, requiring small businesses to pay a so-called “Fair Share Contribution,” according to Massachusetts Health Connector.

Employers of 11 or more full-time-equivalent employees (FTEs) will pay an annual Fair Share Contribution of up to $295 per employee if they do not make a “fair and reasonable” contribution to an employee health plan. Proceeds from the Fair Share Contribution go to health coverage for the uninsured.

What Romney’s fair-share mandate amounts to is a whopping $3,245 “contribution” for his health-spending plan from any small business with 10 full-time employees that may be looking to hire another.

Secret From Romney to Obama

Inspired by Romney, Subtitle F of Barack Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act — otherwise known as ObamaCare — mandates a “Shared Responsibility for Health Care” between individuals and their employers, any business that already has or looks to hire more than 200 people.

It’s no wonder the Department of Labor reports that America’s U6 unemployment rate — defined as the official rate plus marginally attached workers that include those who can only find part-time work — remains above 15%.

The Supreme Court won’t likely consider the employer mandate in its session. It’ll remain an unfair burden on American job creation and a secret that Romney and Obama share.

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