Winning Like Washington (1776)

ARMY STRONGThat much extra performance is like money in the bank. More than you may need, but nice to know it’s there.

Higher performance at the top of America’s chain of command means higher potential for sustained 4% growth in the economy.

Take my performance in the U.S. Army’s Primary Leadership Development Course. More responsibility with more stress, for the attention to detail that issues like today’s economy demands. The type of energy that leads to good government, as explained in The Federalist Papers.

And like your figurative money in the bank, this huge reserve also means the energy to take George Washington’s advice — “raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair” — to a higher level.

We have not yet begun to succeed — Join me

View of Boston from Dorchester Heights during the American Revolution.


The following was written by an American poet about Dorchester Heights, where on March 17, 1776 a new and outnumbered Continental Army forced the British to surrender Boston:

Our forces march’d on upon Dorchester Neck,
Made fortifications against an attack.
The morning next following, as Howe did espy,
The banks we cast up were so copious and high,
Said he in three months, all my men with their might,
Cou’d not make two such forts as they’ve made in a night.

(Source: Flickr)


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  1. Dear Mr. Whittington: Thank you for writing! Like we Army band of brothers sing when running: ‘I wanna be an Airborne Ranger!’
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