Economy: The 4% Growth Project

­Do you remember the Jet Age?

That’s the period in the 1950s and 1960s that we like to remember.

The Jet Age wasn’t just Madison Avenue, as in “Mad Men,” the TV series. Everything back then seemed to move faster.

But what was it that makes us, and so many others, long for the Jet Age?

It was that the economy felt good in those days. In the 1950s, and the 1960s, real U.S. growth averaged over 4%.

One big reason we’re feeling so nostalgic is the belief that 4% growth is possible for the American economy again.

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2 thoughts on “Economy: The 4% Growth Project

  1. It only seemed faster because the age before it was so slow. It was a better economy for sure! That was when Americans loved Americans! I’m not so sure what they love today, maybe the commercials are right! They love their I phones!!!

    • Dear Kartua: Thank you for writing!

      You’re right to highlight not only how time before the Jet Age seemed slower by comparison, but also how Americans (and their president) loved everything exceptional about America — art, music, sports, economy, etc.

      We have not yet begun to succeed.

      Ronald Grey

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