Economy: Tax Policies for 4% Growth

Americans are worried about taxes and what they mean to the economy.

At all levels, budgetary emergencies are provoking calls for tax increases, which could damage U.S. competitiveness and ultimately our standard of living.

Now is the time to look carefully at U.S. states, other nations, and historical periods where a minimum of 4% growth was achieved and ask:

What tax system helped produce this growth?

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2 thoughts on “Economy: Tax Policies for 4% Growth

  1. Most cut taxes toward business to get more jobs and products being made in their country!!! Therefore a better Economy!

    • Dear Kartua28,

      Thank you for writing!

      You’re right. Economist John Maynard Keynes is probably most famous for saying tax cuts from government give more money to society, thus helping increase aggregate demand in the economy.

      Ronald Grey

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