Is Obama’s ‘American Dream’ Right for You?

Disappointing Democratic candidate Barack Obama earned the humiliation of his former special inspector general, who described Obama’s threat to make families follow his version of the American Dream as “scandalous”

Obama Hampers Incentive

Obama’s fellow Democrat, the former special inspector general of the troubled asset relief program (TARP) and NYU fellow said, “It’s just the latest in an unending series of Treasury capitulations to the banks.”

The remarks came days before a March 6 press conference, in which Americans were treated to more straw-man emotions in favor of taxpayer subsidies for many of the same banks that were bailed out in the first place when Obama told them:

No amount of money is going to be enough to make it right for a family who has had their piece of the American Dream wrongfully taken.

Announcing how taxpayers would subsidize his version of the dream, Obama said, “I’ll continue to do everything in my power,” to silence opposition  Continue reading