PRIORITY: Housing for Full Recovery

Federal Reserve System:

Problems in the housing market are a cause of the downturn as well as a consequence of it.

gambling-with-us-housing-marketThe biggest disappointment about Barack Obama is how he made health spending the top priority, thus throwing America’s economy off track for jobs to recover after the 2008 financial crisis in housing.

But a bigger disappointment is why the Republican challenge to Democrats on the economy may also fail.

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Winning Like Washington (1776)

“We shall be obliged always to be picking our chief magistrates from among wise and prudent athletes, a small class.”Woodrow Wilson

ARMY STRONG: That much extra performance is like money in the bank. More than you may need, but nice to know it’s there.

Higher performance at the top of America’s chain of command means higher potential for sustained 4% growth in the economy. Continue reading

Russia: Great Patriotic Ally

U.S. Army personnel march in a 2010 parade in Russia. (Source/Reuters)

Imagine if Russia joined as 51st of the United States.

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